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Alamo Heights Membership Program

There is any number of reasons that a family might not have dental insurance coverage. For those people who don’t, the cost of dental care can be worrisome. But there’s good news! We believe that comprehensive dental care should be available to all people – and at an affordable price. That’s why we’ve developed our membership program. 

Avoid the Headaches 

Dental insurance is expensive – especially if your employer doesn’t offer coverage options. Plans can be confusing making it difficult to choose which option is best for your family. When you join our membership program, your children have access to the dental care you can trust from Dr. Sage and Dr. Walker. Our entire team is here to make sure that your children receive top-quality care. Our easy-to-understand membership program is an affordable alternative to the high price of insurance premiums.  

Membership Coverage

Our membership plan covers all of your child’s cleanings, exams, and routine x-rays. But what if they need a procedure? We have a list of pricing that lets your know exactly what the cost will be. That means no hidden fees and no surprise costs after the procedures are completed. The price you see is the price you pay. No more wondering if fillings, crowns, or root canals are out of your price range. We have options for every budget. 

Easy to Sign Up

Another big perk of our membership program is how easy it is to sign up. And it’s immediate! You can even sign up at your next office visit. In less than 2 minutes, you and your family can be covered and start receiving treatment immediately. Seriously! It’s that easy. You can sign up with our front desk, by scanning our QR code or on our website. Managing your dental plan at any place or any time is easy from all of your devices! 

Get Started

No dental insurance? No problem! Contact us today to learn more specific pricing for your individual family’s needs. We’re happy to answer all of your questions. We know that navigating all the insurance options is confusing. Our membership plan is an easy and affordable option that we’re happy to offer! 

Dental Insurance and Your Child’s Care

Dental insurance can be confusing. Luckily, our team is ready to help you understand your insurance plan!

Your Personalized Insurance Analysis

When it comes to understanding your dental insurance benefits, there are so many questions that we hear regularly. “Is my preferred dentist an in-network provider?” “What is covered?” “How much do I pay out-of-pocket?” The list goes on and on. We’re happy to help with all the questions that you may have. We’ve probably heard it before and can give you an answer that will save you time from trying to figure it out on your own! In fact, our office will do a benefit analysis before you even come into the office to make sure that you are aware of your benefits – both in-network and out-of-network.

Rethinking Your In-Network Benefits

Did you know that although insurance can help with your out of pocket expenses, insurance companies limit the amount of benefits available to you and that leads to less comprehensive care for your child? Shocking, right? Another common misconception that many patients believe is that in-network coverage is their only option. When in fact, many times in-network and out-of-network coverage are the same!

The sad truth is that some insurance coverage may limit the customization of your child’s treatment plan. That’s why it’s a good idea to restructure the way that you think about insurance coverage. It can lower your payments for certain services, but please remember the importance of procedures that may not be fully or partially covered.

Creating Lifelong Smiles is our Priority

When your child is in our chair, their oral health and creating a lifelong, healthy smile is our number one priority. We are fully committed to customized care that results in a healthy, beautiful smile to last your child’s lifetime! Unfortunately, in many cases, insurances are forcing us to lower our standard of care by limiting the covered procedures – or making patients believe that choosing an in-network provider is their only option. But don’t worry! In your comprehensive benefits analysis we will help you understand exactly what your options are and give you a cost estimate.

What We’re Doing to Help

In addition to helping our families understand their benefits, we’re looking closely at the insurance companies and policies with whom we work. We are doing this because we want to ensure we are able to offer TOP QUALITY CARE to all our patients. We’re currently evaluating the research we’ve done to make the best insurance decisions for you! While there will be some changes coming, rest assured that all of our decisions will have your child’s quality of care in mind.

Call Us Today to Learn More

When it comes to insurance, we couldn’t begin to cover every individual patient’s needs in a single blog. Call us today or fill out a contact form to talk through your benefits and let us help you understand how we can work with your family to provide excellent and affordable dental treatment for your children.



Why Should My Child See a Pediatric Dentist?

Many parents ask the question, “Why should my child see a pediatric dentist instead of a general dentist?” And it’s a fair question. Teeth are teeth, right? Well… yes, but it’s not that simple. Just like a pediatrician is trained in the specific development and growth of little bodies, pediatric dentists know everything about the teeth and mouth development of your kiddo.

When it comes to kids, we’re experts

Everyone knows that to become a dentist, it takes brains and a lot of schooling. But did you know that pediatric dentists have even more training AFTER their college and dental school are completed? Pediatric dentists are specially trained to work on patients of all ages from infants, children, and teens. 2-3 years of additional training make pediatric dentists experts in the dental development and potential dental problems that children may face. We all want the very best when it comes to our kids. That’s why choosing a pediatric dentist over a general dentist ensures that they will get the very best care.

Fun is always a priority

At Alamo Heights, our staff is compassionate, and our technology is state-of-the-art. The office is specially designed to be fun and engaging for young people. We know that visiting the dentist’s office can be scary or overwhelming for some patients, so we always focus on making the experience as enjoyable as possible. Whether your kiddo likes to chat or is a little bit shy, our staff knows how to talk to kids to make them feel safe and comfortable.  We’re not just experts in tiny teeth, we’re experts in fun!

Training and experience with kids with special needs

Another big plus when it comes to pediatric dentists is our training in working with children who have special needs. We take time to talk to the parents about the specific ways to work with their child. We have years of experience working with kids who may need accommodations to feel more comfortable. Giving each and every child the special care they need to achieve a healthy happy smile is always our priority.

Prepared for specific pediatric dental problems

Additionally, there are some specific issues that general dentists just aren’t trained to address. From thumb sucking to baby teeth, pediatric dentists can help prepare parents for dental problems and milestones that most children face. We know that when we’re treating a child, it’s not just the patient that needs our attention. We do our best to always keep parents up to date with exactly what their child is going through developmentally and what to expect.

Getting Started

As parents, it’s normal to question why things are done a certain way. Hopefully, now you understand the importance of choosing a pediatric dentist for your little ones. When your child is in our dental chair, they’re our number one priority! To make an appointment, or if you have any questions about choosing a pediatric, call us today!


Happy Holidays from AHPD!

Dr. Angie Sage and the team at Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry hope that you have happy holidays! No matter what holidays you celebrate, we hope that you are able to enjoy time with your loved ones. We understand that the past several months have been challenging for many families around the world. Our team is grateful for our community and all of the relationships we have built this past year. We hope that 2021 brings you and your family lots of smiles! We are excited to see your family in the new year!

Call to Schedule Your 2021 Appointments Before the Holidays

We are closed for the holidays starting at 11 am on December 23rd through December 27th. In addition, we are also closed December 31st through January 3rd. Be sure to follow our Facebook page to know about updates in our office. See you in 2021!


Use It or Lose It

At Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry, we do all we can for little smiles in the most affordable and FLEX-ible ways possible! We understand that although our services are often covered by insurance, there are certain ones that are not. If you have an FSA, remember to use it!

What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

A Flexible Spending Account, or FSA, is a tax-advantaged financial account that results in payroll savings. Do you have a one through your employer? Because if you do, guess what – you can use it pay for your or your kids’ dental treatments! However, there are a few things you need to know first.
First of all, you have to use it, or you lose it! 2020 is quickly coming to a close (and what a crazy year, right?) To make sure that you are able to use your flex dollars for the year, you must be invoiced for all of your treatments by December 31st. If you don’t, your flex spending dollars will be returned to your employer. Which, of course, no one wants. Call our office if you have any questions about your bill cycle or payment plan. Or, if you’re not sure how to use the FSA, we’ll be happy to help.

What Can an FSA Be Used For?

You may be wondering what exactly you can use your FSA dollars towards. And it’s pretty simple – almost all services at our practice! If your child is already a patient and due for a cleaning, that’s a perfect way to use your FSA account. You can use that to cover services like fluoride treatment or x-rays. Or if you have not done a recommended treatment, you don’t have wait until after the first of the year to get started. Not a patient of our office? That’s okay, you can still use your flex dollars towards your exam and cleaning.

Call Us Today!

Alamo Heights wants to make sure you get the most out of your FSA account and your insurance benefits! We are happy to help you review your dental coverage to make sure you are best using your dental coverage. Make an appointment online or give us a call today!

Sugary Treats are Scary!

Vampires, monsters, and zombies… Oh my! But what’s scarier than even the creepiest ghouls and goblins? Tooth decay! Okay – so a mouth full of cavities probably isn’t going to be the top costume for Halloween this year, but it is true that the effects sugar can have lifelong effects. And that is pretty scary.

Sugary Treat Reminders

Of course, candy and sugary treats are a huge part of Halloween (and a lot of the upcoming holidays too). That’s why it’s important to know how to take care of your kids’ teeth when they are allowed to have sweets that can wreak havoc on their teeth. And, it’s probably not a bad idea to have some candy alternatives ready too!

The first and most important thing to remember is to always brush and floss right after eating sugary treats – and that doesn’t just mean candy. Sodas, sports drinks, various crackers and other foods that you might not even think of can have a lot of sugar too. Make sure to check labels so that you know when your kiddos are eating something that can leave sugar on their teeth that can lead to decay.

When it comes to candy, chocolate is probably going to be your best bet because it is soft and washes off of the teeth more easily. Sticky and gummy candies are tough because they leave residue on the teeth that can be hard to get off. And the same goes for hard candies that can stick to teeth and also potentially cause teeth to break.

Halloween Treat Alternatives

Another great Halloween idea is bottled water. Not only does it give the teeth a quick rinse if snacking happens while away from your toothbrush, but trick-or-treating can be hard work and water keeps little bodies hydrated.

Some great snack alternatives to candy or sweets are sugar-free gum, cheese sticks, popcorn, sugar-free applesauce, and pretzels. And don’t forget that trinkets can be treats too! Fun pencils, stickers, temporary tattoos, glow sticks and more are always welcome additions to any Halloween bag. If you want to hand out tooth-friendly treats this year, you don’t have to hand out toothbrushes! You can get creative with all kinds of fun toys and doodads for your own kiddos and the ones in your neighborhood too.

October kicks off the holiday seasons that we all love so much. From Halloween to Valentine’s Day, it’s important this time of year to remember to practice good oral health to keep your little one’s mouths healthy. Tooth decay is scary all year long, but good choices and healthy habits are just as effective against cavities as garlic is to vampires.


Why X-Rays are Important for Kids

The health and safety of children is the top priority at Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry. As parents, our team understands the hesitation to expose your kids to any potential, unnecessary harm. A large percentage of dental health for kids is preventative, meaning we want to do all we can to prevent a problem from occurring instead of treating it when it does. X-rays, or radiographs, are the best way for our doctors to detect a potential issue ahead of time and treat it before it is a problem.

What Do X-Rays Do?

X-rays take a picture of the teeth and jaw bones in your child’s mouth. From that photo, we are able to see concerns like cavities and other problems like an abscess (infection), cysts, or tumors. The radiographs also allow us to see bone development issues like extra and/or missing teeth, and ideas of possible problems with permanent teeth.

The Importance of X-Rays

With the information we get from x-rays, our team can diagnose and treat any concerns at an early stage. This means less pain, time and money than what it would be if caught at a later stage of development. For example, x-rays help us see cavities while they are in the outer layers of teeth. We can then treat the cavity before it has entered the inside of the tooth where it would cause pain.

Even though baby teeth will fall out, it is very important to take care of them because the enamel of baby teeth is much thinner than permanent teeth. For this same reason, children need x-rays more often than adults. Children’s mouths change and grow so rapidly so we want to make sure we monitor those changes frequently.

X-Rays in Our Office

Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry follows the guidelines set from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry regarding the type of x-rays we take and how often they are taken. We understand that there are many concerns with x-rays due to radiation exposure. Radiation exists naturally in our world and we are exposed to small doses almost daily. Our team is trained on how to quickly and safely administer the radiographs for minimal exposure. Our doctors will only recommend x-rays if we feel the benefits are greater than the risks.

Download our Radiograph Policy by clicking HERE to read more or sign.

Types of X-Rays

There are several types of x-rays each with a specific purpose. Read below for more information about each one we offer.


Bitewing x-rays allow us to see in between the teeth closely to check for tooth decay and check the status and quality of existing treatment. These x-rays are taken 1x/year unless there are area of decay that are being monitored or a child is considered high risk.



Images of the top front and/or bottom front primary teeth to identify decay, infection, trauma, extra and/or missing teeth.




Periapical (PA)

PA x-rays show all the root and bone surrounding the tooth. PAs can show infections, trauma, or how the permanent tooth is developing in that specific area.




Image of the entire mouth including all teeth (including those that are not erupted yet), the upper and lower jaws, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), nasal area, and sinuses. Taken at specific phases to monitor growth and development, identify extra and missing teeth, impacted teeth, as well as cysts and tumors. Taken when first adult teeth come in and every 3-5 years after that.


CariVu Transillumination

This is a cavity detection device that floods the tooth with light to show where a cavity is present and how it is progressing. This option may be recommended by your provider when monitoring minimal lesions to limit use of traditional x-rays or when a child is x-ray averse.

baby dentist

When Should a Baby See a Dentist?

Did you know that a baby should see a dentist by age one? The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) all recommend that children see a dentist by their first birthday. Even though babies may not have all of their teeth yet, seeing a pediatric dentist is beneficial. This allows a baby’s jaw and tooth development to be checked and any potential issues to be caught early on.

Why See a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist has additional training and education to specifically work with kids. Baby teeth are different than permanent teeth. Our pediatric dentists specialize in treating kids similar to a pediatrician in the medical field. Pediatric dentists also take courses on working with kids who have special needs.

Dr. Angie Sage is passionate about preventative care and teaching kids (and their parents) how to best take care of their teeth so that they do not have more serious issues later in life. This process begins at a child’s first appointment. Studies have shown that kids who wait to see a dentist until after age one are more likely to require restorative and emergency visits. In addition, a year one exam could even save you money!

Infant Lap Exams

You might be wondering how we will check a baby’s teeth, since babies are not always cooperative. We perform what we call, an infant lap exam, where a parent holds the baby facing them and lays them down in their lap. Sitting knee to knee, one of our doctors will quickly check their mouth and teeth while they lay down in the parent’s lap. This is safe, fast, and effective!

If you have a baby approaching age one that has not had a dental exam, give us a call today. The Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry team is excited to welcome you to the family!

I Love My Kids Dentist

Looking for a kids dentist in San Antonio? Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry offers dental care for children. Dr. Angie Sage and Dr. Kathryn Walker provide preventive and restorative dentistry for infants, toddlers, adolescents, and teens. In addition, we offer conscious sedation, and hospital dentistry. Furthermore, we are passionate about educating children on the importance of oral health.

Kids Dentist in San Antonio

First, we love hearing from our patients! Second, your reviews mean the world to us and we appreciate your time. In today’s digital age, an online review is a huge compliment! This gives us more online exposure and experiences for potential new patients to read about. For instance, check out some of the patient reviews that have been made on our Google, Yelp, and Facebook pages.

Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry Reviews

Here are some of our amazing patient reviews! We love being a kids dentist in San Antonio and enjoy sharing smiles across our community. Thank you to our patients who have taken the time to write a review about us!

  • “Dr. Sage is wonderful with our kids and family. The clinic was kind and cautious and considerate of all the current guidelines and and made us feel safe. Thank you!” ~Melissa L.
  • “Very helpful and patient staff. I like how they greet you with a smile as you’re walking in, and as you leave. The lobby, play area, and restrooms are amazingly clean and very well maintained.” ~Kai E.
  • “This was our daughter’s first dentist visit and it could not have been any more wonderful. The office was very nice and super kid friendly. The staff was phenomenal and I am really happy we found such a great place to take our daughter.” ~Christine C.

In conclusion, we appreciate our patients and all they do to help other families find a home here with us. If you are looking for a kids dentist in the area, give us a call!

Share a Smile in Alamo Heights

We are proud to be your pediatric dentist in Alamo Heights! Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry understands the importance of providing a safe and trusting environment for your kids. Our doctors are passionate about educating children on their dental health to avoid potential issues. We truly love our jobs and our patients!

Alamo Heights Smiles

In addition to our patient families, Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry also values our community. Your referral is the biggest compliment that you can give us, and we appreciate you helping us spread little smiles all over San Antonio. Whether you share your experience via word of mouth or by an online review, we thank you! Leaving us a review on Facebook or Google is a tremendous help.

Refer a Friend Program

Want a chance to win a super sweet prize in our monthly drawings? If you are a patient of ours, we invite you to participate in our “refer a friend” program. We have made it easy to share a smile with your friends.

How does it work? It’s easy!

  1. First, ask us for some Refer a Friend cards from the Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry office.
  2. Write your name in the blank space on the back.
  3. Next, give the cards to friends that you want to refer to our office. They can call to schedule or request an appointment online.
  4. When they come in for their first appointment, make sure they bring the referral card with your name on it.
  5. Your name will be entered for that month’s drawing!

The monthly prize will vary from month to month, but we promise it will be worth it! There is no limit to the number of times you can be entered into the drawing, so hand out as many cards as you would like. Good luck!

Have Questions?

We have answers! Simply call us at (210) 822-8381 and one of our team members is ready to help. If you run out of referral cards, let us know! We are excited to provide you with more.