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No parent wants to watch their child struggle to breathe. We're right by your side to address the issue and ensure your little one can inhale, exhale, and smile with ease.

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Why might my child need airway dentistry?

If your child is struggling with a compromised airway, they may not be getting enough oxygen. When your child's breathing is restricted, the body begins to think it is choking, which can cause serious symptoms. Lower oxygen levels, higher heart rate, and higher blood pressure are just a few of the many detrimental issues that could negatively impact your child's overall health. Our team will work with your child to improve their oral muscle function with lifestyle changes and corrective breathing habits. We may even provide dental appliances to help your child open the airway, allowing it to develop to its full potential. It's our goal to address the root of the issue so they can breathe with ease and go back to just being a kid.

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If airway dentistry treatment takes place early on in a child's life, their symptoms can significantly diminish or even disappear.

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Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Rest assured that your child is receiving top-notch, specialized care with our Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist. To be recognized by The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, doctors must undergo extensive training in the pediatric field in addition to their standard dental degrees.

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When it comes to their oral health, your child deserves the best! That's why we partner with top-notch providers in the area to ensure your little one receives expert care.

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The Benefits of Airway Dentistry

Promotes Healthy Development

Airway evaluation can improve your child's posture, energy levels, breathing habits, facial development, and so much more.

Prevents Further Issues

Moderate or even severe airway issues at a young age can be improved with minimal treatment. This has the potential to prevent years of oral health issues as they grow up, including their facial development.

Helps Your Child Sleep & Breathe with Ease

When your child's airway is clean and properly aligned, their ability to breathe with ease and sleep through the night can significantly improve.

The Airway Dentistry Treatment Process

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At your child's initial dental visit, your dentist will review sleeping habits, breathing patterns, thumb and pacifier habits, and other symptoms.

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Treatment Plan

Depending on your child's unique condition, your dentist will recommend a personalized airway treatment plan. This could include lifestyle changes, oral appliances, or even early orthodontic intervention to help promote the best growth for your child. Regardless of their recommendation, the dentist will walk you and your child through every step of the plan to make sure you fully understand the process and how it will positively impact your child's overall health.

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Follow Ups & Referrals

The dentist will continue to encourage frequent follow up appointments to ensure your child's personalized treatment plan is improving their airway health. To guarantee that your child receives the best possible care, referrals may be made to other providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When your child's airway is impacted, the body begins to react in a variety of ways. Some common obstructive airway symptoms include:- ADD/ADHD, difficulty in school, and/or aggressive behavior- Bedwetting- Snoring- Difficulty sleeping - Daytime drowsiness- Mouth breathing- Chronic allergies- Enlarged tonsils and adenoids - Tooth decay- Crowded or crooked teeth- Overbite- Teeth grindingRest assured that our team is fully equipped to address any of your child's unique symptoms with personalized care. If we believe that your child could benefit from an additional provider's expertise, we will make the appropriate referral to ensure your child gets the treatment they deserve.

If these abnormal conditions are left untreated in children, by the time they are fully grown, there is little that can be done to correct their breathing. Eventually, many of these children will grow into adults with SBD, who may eventually require CPAP machines to obtain the oxygen they need at night – all because their airways were never allowed to fully develop.