Laser Therapy in San Antonio

Getting a dental procedure can be scary for kiddos, that’s why we offer a minimally invasive and virtually painless approach with laser therapy! Our high-beam laser reduces pain and time in the chair while minimizing the risk of infection after treatment.

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What Is Laser Therapy & What Does It Treat?

Laser therapy, also called “laser dentistry,” is the practice of using laser dental tools to treat common oral health issues. Depending on the type of laser, laser dentistry can be used to treat both soft tissue (lips, gums, cheeks) and hard tissue (teeth). Lasers can be used as an alternative to scalpels, dental drills, snips, and other surgical tools. 

At Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry, we provide soft tissue laser therapy for kids of all ages. With laser treatment in San Antonio from Dr. Angie Sage, it’s easy for your little ones to get the expert care they need.

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Did you know…

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The FDA first approved dental lasers in 1997, but dentists have been exploring the use of lasers in dentistry since the 19660s.

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Laser Frenectomies

At our office, we use a soft tissue laser for frenectomies. This allows your child to get painless treatment for tongue and lip ties and heal more quickly.

Lightscalpel CO2 Laser

We’re proud to use advanced LightScalpel surgical CO2 lasers at our practice. Our laser dentistry tools are extremely precise, which ensures that your little one gets the best possible care.

Free Nitrous

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Stress-Free Care

If fear is keeping you or your little one from scheduling an appointment, we’re delighted to offer FREE nitrous oxide with your child’s treatment! Laughing gas can help them relax during their visit and then resume daily activities with a smile.

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The Benefits Of Laser Therapy

Virtually pain-free and minimally-invasive

Laser tools are more precise than other dental tools, so less tissue has to be removed. Uniquely, lasers also seal nerve endings as they cut through tissue, which virtually eliminates pain and discomfort.

No scary noises or vibrations

Dental drills can make scary noises and cause uncomfortable vibrations, which are particularly intimidating for kids. Laser dentistry, on the other hand, is nearly noiseless and completely vibration-free.

Little bleeding, faster overall recovery

Dental lasers also seal blood vessels as they cut through tissue, which means bleeding is minimal. This also reduces the risk of infection and speeds up overall recovery after surgeries like frenectomies.

The Pediatric Laser Therapy Treatment Process

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Initial preparation

To begin the process, Dr. Sage will prepare and sanitize the treatment area. Numbing is not typically required, since laser dentistry is pain-free. However, we do offer sedation for kids if your child is nervous or uncomfortable. Once your child is ready, treatment will begin

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Treating your child

The treatment process varies depending on your child’s treatment. For a frenectomy to treat tongue ties, for example, Dr. Sage will gently cut through your child’s band of tissue, freeing up their tongue so that it moves properly.

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Healing and recovery

One of the biggest benefits of laser therapy is that it results in a faster overall healing time. However, Dr. Sage will provide you with a full set of instructions that you and your child must follow. Following these instructions ensures that their mouth will heal properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most dental lasers use a glass fiber-optic tip. Powerful laser light is sent to this fiber-optic tip, which makes it extremely hot. Then, the hot tip of the laser can be used to cut through a variety of oral tissue, similar to traditional dental tools like drills, scalpels, and more.