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Use It or Lose It

At Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry, we do all we can for little smiles in the most affordable and FLEX-ible ways possible! We understand that although our services are often covered by insurance, there are certain ones that are not. If you have an FSA, remember to use it!

What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

A Flexible Spending Account, or FSA, is a tax-advantaged financial account that results in payroll savings. Do you have a one through your employer? Because if you do, guess what – you can use it pay for your or your kids’ dental treatments! However, there are a few things you need to know first.
First of all, you have to use it, or you lose it! 2020 is quickly coming to a close (and what a crazy year, right?) To make sure that you are able to use your flex dollars for the year, you must be invoiced for all of your treatments by December 31st. If you don’t, your flex spending dollars will be returned to your employer. Which, of course, no one wants. Call our office if you have any questions about your bill cycle or payment plan. Or, if you’re not sure how to use the FSA, we’ll be happy to help.

What Can an FSA Be Used For?

You may be wondering what exactly you can use your FSA dollars towards. And it’s pretty simple – almost all services at our practice! If your child is already a patient and due for a cleaning, that’s a perfect way to use your FSA account. You can use that to cover services like fluoride treatment or x-rays. Or if you have not done a recommended treatment, you don’t have wait until after the first of the year to get started. Not a patient of our office? That’s okay, you can still use your flex dollars towards your exam and cleaning.

Call Us Today!

Alamo Heights wants to make sure you get the most out of your FSA account and your insurance benefits! We are happy to help you review your dental coverage to make sure you are best using your dental coverage. Make an appointment online or give us a call today!

Sugary Treats are Scary!

Vampires, monsters, and zombies… Oh my! But what’s scarier than even the creepiest ghouls and goblins? Tooth decay! Okay – so a mouth full of cavities probably isn’t going to be the top costume for Halloween this year, but it is true that the effects sugar can have lifelong effects. And that is pretty scary.

Sugary Treat Reminders

Of course, candy and sugary treats are a huge part of Halloween (and a lot of the upcoming holidays too). That’s why it’s important to know how to take care of your kids’ teeth when they are allowed to have sweets that can wreak havoc on their teeth. And, it’s probably not a bad idea to have some candy alternatives ready too!

The first and most important thing to remember is to always brush and floss right after eating sugary treats – and that doesn’t just mean candy. Sodas, sports drinks, various crackers and other foods that you might not even think of can have a lot of sugar too. Make sure to check labels so that you know when your kiddos are eating something that can leave sugar on their teeth that can lead to decay.

When it comes to candy, chocolate is probably going to be your best bet because it is soft and washes off of the teeth more easily. Sticky and gummy candies are tough because they leave residue on the teeth that can be hard to get off. And the same goes for hard candies that can stick to teeth and also potentially cause teeth to break.

Halloween Treat Alternatives

Another great Halloween idea is bottled water. Not only does it give the teeth a quick rinse if snacking happens while away from your toothbrush, but trick-or-treating can be hard work and water keeps little bodies hydrated.

Some great snack alternatives to candy or sweets are sugar-free gum, cheese sticks, popcorn, sugar-free applesauce, and pretzels. And don’t forget that trinkets can be treats too! Fun pencils, stickers, temporary tattoos, glow sticks and more are always welcome additions to any Halloween bag. If you want to hand out tooth-friendly treats this year, you don’t have to hand out toothbrushes! You can get creative with all kinds of fun toys and doodads for your own kiddos and the ones in your neighborhood too.

October kicks off the holiday seasons that we all love so much. From Halloween to Valentine’s Day, it’s important this time of year to remember to practice good oral health to keep your little one’s mouths healthy. Tooth decay is scary all year long, but good choices and healthy habits are just as effective against cavities as garlic is to vampires.

I Love My Kids Dentist

Looking for a kids dentist in San Antonio? Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry offers dental care for children. Dr. Angie Sage and Dr. Kathryn Walker provide preventive and restorative dentistry for infants, toddlers, adolescents, and teens. In addition, we offer conscious sedation, and hospital dentistry. Furthermore, we are passionate about educating children on the importance of oral health.

Kids Dentist in San Antonio

First, we love hearing from our patients! Second, your reviews mean the world to us and we appreciate your time. In today’s digital age, an online review is a huge compliment! This gives us more online exposure and experiences for potential new patients to read about. For instance, check out some of the patient reviews that have been made on our Google, Yelp, and Facebook pages.

Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry Reviews

Here are some of our amazing patient reviews! We love being a kids dentist in San Antonio and enjoy sharing smiles across our community. Thank you to our patients who have taken the time to write a review about us!

  • “Dr. Sage is wonderful with our kids and family. The clinic was kind and cautious and considerate of all the current guidelines and and made us feel safe. Thank you!” ~Melissa L.
  • “Very helpful and patient staff. I like how they greet you with a smile as you’re walking in, and as you leave. The lobby, play area, and restrooms are amazingly clean and very well maintained.” ~Kai E.
  • “This was our daughter’s first dentist visit and it could not have been any more wonderful. The office was very nice and super kid friendly. The staff was phenomenal and I am really happy we found such a great place to take our daughter.” ~Christine C.

In conclusion, we appreciate our patients and all they do to help other families find a home here with us. If you are looking for a kids dentist in the area, give us a call!

Share a Smile in Alamo Heights

We are proud to be your pediatric dentist in Alamo Heights! Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry understands the importance of providing a safe and trusting environment for your kids. Our doctors are passionate about educating children on their dental health to avoid potential issues. We truly love our jobs and our patients!

Alamo Heights Smiles

In addition to our patient families, Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry also values our community. Your referral is the biggest compliment that you can give us, and we appreciate you helping us spread little smiles all over San Antonio. Whether you share your experience via word of mouth or by an online review, we thank you! Leaving us a review on Facebook or Google is a tremendous help.

Refer a Friend Program

Want a chance to win a super sweet prize in our monthly drawings? If you are a patient of ours, we invite you to participate in our “refer a friend” program. We have made it easy to share a smile with your friends.

How does it work? It’s easy!

  1. First, ask us for some Refer a Friend cards from the Alamo Heights Pediatric Dentistry office.
  2. Write your name in the blank space on the back.
  3. Next, give the cards to friends that you want to refer to our office. They can call to schedule or request an appointment online.
  4. When they come in for their first appointment, make sure they bring the referral card with your name on it.
  5. Your name will be entered for that month’s drawing!

The monthly prize will vary from month to month, but we promise it will be worth it! There is no limit to the number of times you can be entered into the drawing, so hand out as many cards as you would like. Good luck!

Have Questions?

We have answers! Simply call us at (210) 822-8381 and one of our team members is ready to help. If you run out of referral cards, let us know! We are excited to provide you with more.


Fluoride is nature’s cavity fighter. Like any natural nutrient, it is safe and effective when used properly. Fluoride incorporates itself into tooth enamel and strengthens it, making it more resistant to cavities.

There are two methods that protect teeth with fluoride:
Topical: toothpaste, mouth rinses, and professionally applied fluoride treatments  are examples of topical fluoride. Topical fluoride strengthens and protects teeth that have already erupted.
Systematic: fluoridated drinking water and fluoride supplements (tablets or liquid drops)  are examples of systematic fluoride. Systematic fluoride protects tooth structures as they are forming.